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Nottingham Post Bygones
Nottingham Post Bygones
October 2013

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Since 1843: In The Making

9 January - 7 February 2014

Celebrating its 170th anniversary, the School of Art & Design is bringing together artworks by more than 100 former students to illustrate the impact of the school on the visual arts and creative industries nationally and internationally.

The diverse creative work of Turner Prize winning artist Simon Starling, Sexy Beast film director Jonathan Glazer and comic actor Paul Kaye is to be shown together in a unique exhibition marking the anniversary of one of Britain’s oldest schools of art and design.

Several artists including Jon Burgerman are producing new artworks for the exhibition while others, such as Simon Starling and Paul Kaye, will be taking part in talks and discussions which will offer insights into their work.

Meet some of our artists

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Jon Burgerman Art
Jon Burgerman Portrait

Jon Burgerman

BA Hons Fine Art, 2001

Jon is creating a commissioned set of drawings for the exhibition, creates colourful and uncategorisable doodles, squiggles and funny little animals that grace I-Phones, interior furnishings, stickers, books, record covers, tee-shirts, Nike trainers and walls across the world. He’s now based in Brooklyn, New York.

Nigel Cooke Art

Nigel Cooke

BA Hons Fine Art, 1994

Nigel is a painter with an international reputation represented by galleries in London, New York and Los Angeles. He works on a large scale, creating fantastic and unsettling landscapes that create a sense of urban decay.

Andy Earl Pink Floyd
Andy Earl Portrait

Andy Earl

Diploma in Creative Photography, 1977

Andy is one of the world’s most in-demand rock music photographers and has created imagery for everyone from Bow Wow Wow to Robbie Williams, from Morrissey to Pink Floyd.

Julian Finney Photograph
Julian Finney Portrait

Julian Finney

BA Hons Photography, 2004

Julian is a multi award-winning sports photographer whose work with Getty Images has taken him all over the world. His images have appeared in publications such as L’Equipe, Sports Illustrated and Stern.

Jonathan Glazer Film
Jonathan Glazer Portrait

Jonathan Glazer

BA Hons 3D Design Theatre, 1987

The film-maker who created the Guinness ‘surfer’ advert and directed the immortal British crime movie Sexy Beast, as well as Birth (2004) starring Nicole Kidman and, most recently, Under the Skin (2013) with Scarlett Johansson.

Paul Kaye Now Portrait
Paul Kaye Young Portrait

Paul Kaye

BA Hons 3D Design Theatre, 1987

Paul made a name for himself playing shock-mock celebrity interviewer Dennis Pennis in the Sunday Show back in the 1990s and his diverse career in TV and film since has included playing Thoros of Myr in Game of Thrones and the eternally optimistic Maurice in the BetVictor adverts.

Lucy Orta Tent
Lucy Orta Portrait

Lucy Orta

BA Hons Fashion Knitwear Design, 1989
Honorary MA

Lucys’ sculptural installations, often raising issues about human adaptability in an eroded natural environment, include the recent Cloud/Meteoros at St Pancras Station and Raft of the Medusa at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Orta is showing a new installation for Since 1843: In the Making.

Noble Webster Art
Noble Webster Portrait

Tim Noble and Sue Webster

BA Hons Fine Art, 1989, Hon Doctors of Art

Tim and Sue met while studying in Nottingham and staged their first solo show, British Rubbish, in 1996. They’ve continued to bring a ‘punk’ and ‘anti-art’ sensibility to an international practice which involves the transformation of waste and scrap items.

Pearce Fionda Fashion
Pearce Fionda Portrait

Ren Pearce and Andrew Fionda

BA (Hons) Textiles, 1989 (Ren)
BA (Hons) Fashion Design, 1989 (Andrew)

Ren and Andrew founded fashion label Pearce Fionda in 1993 to make dresses which, in their words, ‘make the wearer shine like a contemporary heroine of the silver screen.’ Their garments have been worn by Yasmin le Bon, Celine Dion, Francesca Annis, Zoë Ball, Denise Van Outen and Nicole Kidman.

Hetain Patel Portrait
Hetain Patel Portrait

Hetain Patel

BA Hons Fine Art, 2003

Hetain began as a photographer probing his Anglo-Indian identity and his career has continued to explore identity through dance, song, film and sculpture. He gave a talk at TEDGlobal in Edinburgh in 2013 while his latest sculpture, a Tranformer’d Fiesta car, has recently gone on show in Paris.

Simon Starling Boat
Simon Starling Portrait

Simon Starling

BA Hons Photography, 1990

Simon won the Turner Prize in 2005 for his installation shedboatshed. He will be showing an excerpt from a recent project, Autoxylopyrocycloboros, which documents a voyage along Loch Long to the Firth of Clyde in a 22-ft long steam boat.

Rob Ryan Art
Rob Ryan Portrait

Rob Ryan

BA Hons Fine Art, 1984

Rob is one of Britain’s leading papercut artists and his intricate and often whimsical artworks have been exhibited all over Britain and abroad. He has written and illustrated three books and has his own shop, Ryantown, in London.